Index BELEX15


Index BELEX15

Index of The Most Liquid Shares

September 30, 2005 = 1.000,00

BELEX15 is a free-float market capitalization weighted index, which is not adjusted for paid dividends and is not protected from dilution effect resulting from dividends payout. BELEX15 is weighted only by free-float market capitalization. BELEX15 consists of shares traded on the Regulated market, which have satisfied criteria for inclusion into the index basket. The influence of the index components is limited to a maximum of 20% of the total market capitalization of the index on the revision date. The index BELEX15 is calculated and published every BELEX working day in real time, from the moment when the condition for its calculation and publishing is fulfilled until the formation of the closing price. The price of shares included in the calculation of BELEX15 is each share price formed in trading in shares contained in the index basket, with the exception of prices from block transactions. The first value of BELEX15 during the day is calculated in real time, from the moment when at least one component from the index basket has the first transaction during the day (opening price).

Source: BELEX


DATE – Date; OPEN – Open; HIGH – High; LOW – Low; CLOSE – Index BELEX15; VOLUME – Turnover

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