Nezvanični pregled kretanja na tržištu hartija od vrednosti u Republici Srbiji*

Anofficial review of the developments in the securities market in the Republic of Serbia*

Akcije (grafički i tabelarni prikaz)

Shares (graphical and tabular view)

Učešće stranih investitora u trgovanju (grafički i tabelarni prikaz)

The participation of foreign investors in trading (graphical and tabular view)

  • u ukupnom trgovanju na berzi na dnevnom nivou
  • u ukupnom trgovanju akcijama, na strani kupovine i na strani prodaje akcija na dnevnom nivou
  • u ukupnom trgovanju obveznicma (serija A) na dnevnom nivou

Obveznice Republike Srbije (serija A) za izmirenje obaveza po osnovu devizne štednje građanja (grafički i tabelarni prikaz)

Bonds of the Republic of Serbia (Series A) for the settlement on the basis of citizens’ savings (graphical and tabular view)

  • cene, obim trgovanja, stope prinosa + tehnička analiza po rokovima dospeća na dnevnom nivou

Državni zapisi Republike Srbije (grafički i tabelarni prikaz)

Treasury Bills of the Republic of Serbia (graphical and tabular view)

  • cena, ukupan obim trgovanja i ponderisna diskontna stopa
  • diskontne stope i obim trgovanja po rokovima dospeća

Blagajnički zapisi Narodne banke Srbije - operacije na otvorenom tržištu Narodne banke Srbije (grafički i tabelarni prikaz)

Treasury bills of the National Bank of Serbia – open market operations the National Bank of Serbia (graphical and tabular view)

  • ponderisana kamatna stopa i ukupan obim trgovanja
  • kamatne stope i obim trgovanja po rokovima dospeća

Investicioni fondovi (grafički i tabelarni prikaz)

Investment funds (graphical and tabular view)

  • Index TIF- zbirni indeks kretanja vrednosti investicionih jedinica svih investicionih fondova (izraženo u Dinarima)
  • Index LIF- zbirni indeks kretanja vrednosti investicionih jedinica svih investicionih fondova (izraženo u €vrima)
  • vrednost investicionih jedinica i vrednost imovine svih fondova na dnevnom nivou
  • vrednost investicione jedinice, vrednost imovine + tehnička anliza po fondovima na dnevnom nivou

Srednji kurs dinara Narodne banka Srbije prema €vru (grafički i tabelarni prikaz) na dnevnom nivou

Middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia to the €uro (graphical and tabular presentation) on a daily basis

Stopa inflacije u Republici Srbiji (grafički i tabelarni prikaz) na mesečnom nivou

The inflation rate in the Republic of Serbia (graphical and tabular presentation) on a monthly basis

Korisne informacije, komentari, pogledi, uputstva i sl. u vezi tržišta hartija od vrednosti… 

Useful information, comments, views etc.



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How to invest in the Serbian financial market

This foreign investor’s guide provides potential and existing non-resident investors with an overview of what is possible when structuring an investment in the Serbian financial markets. The information covered is not exhaustive and unless otherwise indicated, is based on the relevant legislation and conditions existing at November 2011. This guide aims to contribute to the development of Serbia’s relations with investors as well as international business organizations by providing a concise document to help them with their investment decisions.

The financial market in Serbia is regulated predominantly by the Law on the Capital Market.  The Securities commission controls participants involved in the trading process, including the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BSE), Central Securities Depository (CSD), commercial banks, brokerage companies as well as the public enterprises whose shares are traded on the stock exchange– in the operations they conduct on the securities market in compliance with the law.  All of the listed participants in the financial market also have their own regulations in accordance with the mentioned Law. Types of securities traded in Serbia in which foreign investors can invest include: equity (issued in local currency), corporate and municipal bonds, and T-bonds (debt securities can be issued in local currency but also can be euro-indexed or in euro). There are no minimum lot sizes in the market, however, fractional shares are not allowed. Turnaround trade is possible. A lot is still being done to improve the operational methods to make foreign investment flow more simply and quickly.

Pre-trade activities

Representation Non-resident legal entities and individuals need a tax representative, an individual with a Serbian residence, who will obtain a tax identification number (PIB) at the Tax administration of the Republic of Serbia on their behalf, in accordance with the governing regulation.
Central Securities Depository and Clearing House (CSD) A cash and securities account at the CSD must be opened. This is carried out by a local CSD member (broker or dealer companies or banks) on behalf of non-resident investors. Relevant laws can also be found on the website.
Arrangement with a Local Broker To trade on the Belgrade Stock Exchange non-resident investors must enroll with a local brokerage house/bank, a list of which can be found on the stock exchange website .
The activities and rights of brokers are defined by the Law.
Custody bank Non-resident investors can choose to enroll with a local custody bank , in which case the balance of securities is recorded in the aggregate custody account. The aggregate custody account is kept by the custody bank in its name and for account of legal holders.
If non-resident investors choose not to enroll with a local custody bank, a local CSD member will open a proprietary securities account for them, in accordance with Operating Rules of CSD .
Official period to open a securities account with CSD 1 day